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re: [devinfo] commercial support for sme server

[code=htmlmail,user="dave liquorice"]On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 15:04:43 -0400, Peter Walter wrote:

> On the forum, Cactus has said that commercial postings on the forum are
> prohibited, so perhaps he knows who the authority figure(s) are. Frankly,
> if the powers that be don't want to pollute the site with
> blatant, capitalistic commercialism, and gain any revenue from doing so,

For my 2c there is an important difference between paid for ads on the web site and effectively free ads in forum postings.

Personally paid for ads on the site are not a problem, go for it. Blatent
ads in forum postings are just spam. With one exception a short (single
line) in a persons sig, maybe linking to their commercial site.


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